NewsYen Press Licenses Dark Souls: Redemption French Manga

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NewsYen Press Licenses Dark Souls: Redemption French Manga

Yen Press announced on Monday that it has licensed author Julien Blondel and artist Shonen's Dark Souls: Redemption, French publisher Mana Books' manga spinoff of FromSoftware's Dark Souls game, and will release it in English on August 27.



Image courtesy of Yen Press

Yen Press describes the story:

Doomed by a past long forgotten, resolved to save what she once held dear.

The flame is lit. A nameless woman wakes. Roused from the tomb by a past she cannot recall, she sets out into a barren, unfamiliar landscape. The protector follows. Bound by oath and honor, he safeguards her against the dangers that draw near with the same ferocity he does the secrets of his past. The Gray Cinders gather in their tower, called by the fire to complete their solemn duty. A colossus, incarnate of death, stirs with the bones beneath the scarred grounds. And a nightmare—scourge of a bygone era—returns to exact its toll. The fate of this land hangs in the balance, as their journey unfolds in this original DARK SOULS story!

Mana Books released the original version in France on Thursday.

Yen Press released the Dark Souls: Masque of Vindication novel in October 2022.

The original Dark Souls game launched in September 2011. The Dark Souls: Remastered game launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in October 2018 in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Bandai Namco Entertainment released the Dark Souls III game in Japan in March 2016, and the game launched in North America and Europe for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in April 2016.

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Mei Sasaki

Mei Sasaki