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Intel Achieves Power-On For Next-Gen Meteor Lake CPU Compute Tile, Delivers Outstanding Performance According To CEO

Intel reported earlier this week that the company was successful in powering a single compute tile of its next-gen Meteor Lake CPUs. Back in March, Intel taped in the first 7nm Compute Tile so this marks another milestone in the development of Intel’s next-generation x86 architecture and CPU family.

Intel Meteor Lake Compute Tile Achieves Power-On, CPU Delivers Outstanding Performance ‘Right Where We Expected’, Says CEO

Meteor Lake is Intel’s 14th generation Core processor that is expected to release in 2023. The chip itself utilizes innovative technology with its Intel 4 (7nm) manufacturing process. Intel’s testing was said to be successful and on target with their current fabrication plans, especially for almost two years ahead of release showing actual computational power.

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On Intel 4, we had taped out our compute tile for Meteor Lake and this quarter it came out of the fab and powered up within 30 minutes with outstanding performance, right where we expected it to be. All told, this is one of the best lead product startups we have seen in recent memory, which speaks to the health of the process.

—Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, during the company’s earnings call that was held this week

For Intel, this breakthrough with their Meteor Lake processor is a new step towards the possibility of witnessing silicon chips processing information and being extremely stable. However, the concept does raise pessimism of whether it will provide above expected performance or even remain stable. Eventually, developers will be expected to alter as well as provide additional parts and technology to Meteor Lake. The largest hurdle right now is the cost of manufacturing, especially in this case with the current chip shortage and high cost of parts and devices.

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