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The components of C language

There are five main component of C language are:
1. The character set: Any alphabet ,digit or special symbol ,used to represent information is denoted by character. The character in C are grouped into four categories.
1 Letters A…Z and a…z
2 Digits 0,1,2,…..9
3 Special Symbol ~,`,!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(),.,<,>,?,/,”,:,;,{},[]
4 White Space blank space, Carriage return, form feed, newline, horizontal tab
2. The data types: The power of the programming language depends, among other thing, on the range of different types of data it can handle.
3. Constants: A constant is a fix value that doesn’t change while program execution.
4. Variable: A variable is an entity whose value can change during program execution.
5. Keywords: Keywords are those word which have been assigned specific meaning in C language. Keywords should not be used as variable names to avoid problem.
Note: Above given all the term has been discussed in details in next section.

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