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Description of C code window

Introduction to C
Description of C code window
1. =: Interface to external programs.

2. File: File related option such as opening and saving file.

3. Edit: Cut,Copy,Paste operation.

4. Search: Find,Find & Replace operation.

5. Run: Compile and run the file currently loaded in the text editor. And debugging such as setting/clearing trace points can be performed from this menu.

6. Compile: The menu item compiles a source file to an object file or an .exe file.

7. Debug: Provides interactive debugging. Variables can be examined/set/cleared, and we can watch variables change during execution.

8. Project: This menu item controls Borland C++’s handling of large programs that are in multiple source file.

9. Option: Default option are set during installation . The user can change any option at any time through this menu.

10. Windows: Windows operation include zoom, arranging windows on the screen , and closing windows.

11. Help: Borland C++ includes a context sensitive help capability. Select Help or press f1 for general Help, Shift f1 for indexed help or Ctrl f1 for context sensitive help.

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