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DOS Tutorial

MS-DOS Operating System Most Personal Computers run under the MS-DOS Operating System. MS-DOS being the Microsoft Disk Operating System.

It is estimated that almost 10 million machines run under the MS-DOS Operating System and some 20,000 or more end-user applications have been published to run with it.


The Operating System is the program which provides organized services to the computer user and the application programs that they wish to use.
These services consist mainly of access to the hardware resources such as the disk drives, keyboard, etc.


What’s a batch file?

A batch file is simply a text file that we can create by using unformatting text editor tools. e.g. the EDIT command in MS-DOS.   A batch file must be named with an extension BAT. …

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How does a batch file work?

Now, consider the following instructions md \newdir copy \dos\*.exe \newdir cd \newdir dir cd \     Executing commands at DOS prompt: Normally, we can execute only one MS-DOS command at one time (except we …

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