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Networking Tutorial

Networking Tutorial Or Networking

The network is a connection between at least two computers usually by cable, running software which allows them to communicate with one another.

Users over a network can share computer resources such as hard drives, printers, modems, CD-ROM drives, and processors.

Although most networks are more complicated than this two-computer scenario, all networks are based on the concept of sharing.

There’s actually a great work of technology involved when one computer connects to and communicates with another.

In addition, there are many types of physical connections and related software to consider.

In the following sections, we discuss some fundamental concepts behind all networks and explain what kinds of network models are appropriate for various business environments.


About NDIS and ODI

NDIS (Network Driver interface specification) & ODI (Open Datalink Interface) The NDIS  (Network Driver interface specification ) allows for a flexible environment of data exchange. This interface is used by protocol drivers to communicate with the network adapter. …

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What are Server Based Networks?

What are Server Based Networks? Dedicated server, Client server and peer to peer computing describes three types of network configurations that share resources. A dedicated server is a type of network configuration in which specific computers take on the role …

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What is Client/Server Networks?

What is Client/Server Networks? Client/Server Networks One popular type of server-based network is the client/server network, where individual computers share the processing and storage workload with a central server. This arrangement requires special software for the nodes and the server. It does …

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Peer to Peer Networks

Peer to Peer Networks In a peer to peer network, all nodes on the network have equal relationships to all others, and all have similar types of software that support the sharing of resources. In a typical peer …

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