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Wired or Wireless or both

 Wired or Wireless or both

The three different types of networks meet different needs you may have.

Wireless: Easy and convenient

With wireless, there’s no need to drill holes or run wires to join the network. Just install the software on your desktop or laptop, add a wireless accessory, and you’re ready to go.

Wireless users can travel from room to room, between floors, or even outside, almost anywhere, and remain connected.

Wired: Built for Speed

Wired networks are a must when fast data transfers are your primary concern.

Wired networks really zoom — supporting data rates at up to 100 Mbps.1

1 They’re easy to set up and simple to use, offering a combination of performance and consistent coverage in any area.

Wired and Wireless: The Best of Both Worlds

With both wireless and wired users on the same network, you can pick and choose which users take advantage of which technology.