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Data Type In Visual Basics

Visual Basic supports different types of data types according to the needs of program or application
You can say that attribute of a variable that determines what kind of data it can hold is known as Datatype.
By Default Visual Basic supports the variant data type.Declaring a variable variant indicates that it can support all types of data types.Mainly Visual Basic supports the following datatypes:

Table of Data Types
Data Types Storage (in bytes) Prefix Example
Byte 8 Byt bytVar
Boolean 1 Bln blnNum
Integer 2 int intCount
Long; 4 lng lngNumbers
Single 4 sng sngAverage
Double 8 dbl dblMarks
Date 8 dte dteNext
Object 4 obj ObjMywork Avgs
String According to the length of string str strNames
Variant 16 vnt vntTotal

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