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Saving Project or Files

Now you have created application, so you have to save the application.
1. Go to File Menu.
2. Select Save project option .
3. Select Save project As. , if you want to save the project under a different name.
VISUAL BASIC project will be saved with the extension .vbp.
4. Now select Save Formname option.
A form will be saved with the extension .frm.
5. Click on Save button on the title bar OR
You can use Key Combination Ctrl+S for Saving Project and forms.
The window look like below:
For saving a form file, window will look like:
Note that:
If you want to change the name of your project then:
1. Go to project menu.
2. Select Project Properties.
The window will appear like below:
Now change the name of the project and click OK.
It is important to be noted here that project name and project file name are different.
Same is true in case of forms. Form name and form file names are different.

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